Paintball Marker .50cal Viper Black


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This HPA/CO2 Paintball Marker was designed to be a durable option for players of all experience levels in all conditions and be easy to maintain. Included: - Paintball Marker Viper .50 cal - User Manual - Barrel Plug - Spare Parts and Tools - .50 cal Rubber Squeegee Recommended Loader (not included): - Paintball Loader .50cal Viper Spirit Field 200rnds Black Specifications: - Caliber: 0.50 Paintballs Action: Semi-Automatic - Barrel: Removable 7" ported - Power: Co2 or Compressed Air (HPA) - Construction: Aluminium & Polymer - Velocity: Adjustable from 210 to 300 FPS - Works with Co2 or HPA tank (not included) AMAZING AIR EFFICIENCY: -> 3000psi 13ci/0,21L Tank: up to 500 shots -> 3000psi 26ci/0,44L Tank: up to 1100 shots -> 3000psi 48ci/0,8L Tank: up to 2200 shots Air efficiency tested at 260fps. For great long term use we have all parts available -> Use the parts diagram from the Manual to easily identify and order your spare parts. * Transport offer is only valid for Portugal.