Alvo Insuflável SWAP Archery* Só por pedido.


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Dimensions: 3*1.50*2.50 m Face a duel! Will you be able to be precise! The inflatable Swap Archery stand allows the shooting of foam arrows on fixed targets (traditional archery type) and levitating targets (4 small balls). This activity allows you to learn archery safely and have fun. Compete against friends, family, coworkers in this fun game suitable for both adults and children. To make the activity even more fun, we invite you to determine points according to the level of difficulty (10 points ball or round yellow, 8 pts red, 6 pts blue, 4 pts black, 2 pts white and 0 or -1 outside the target). This is a simple activity to set up, easy to store and transport. This kit includes: 1 inflatable stand. 1 electric inflator (750 watts, 220 volts, 50 Hz). 1 bow. 6 arrows (84 cm) including 3 blue and 3 red. 40 multicolored balls (diameter 8 cm). This activity can be proposed as part of an anniversary, a bachelor party, a team building ... It can also be put into self-service at a leisure park to help your clientele during a busy day. This activity does not necessarily require the presence of a facilitator.